Poet 11586

Look at the other side of the world

i don't want to feel this way
i don't want to live this life
i said that many times
but wishing won't change the facts
i saw how lonely im
and how life was hard
i looked at what i don't have
im not rich i cant buy everything
im not that super model slim
im not that beauty dull
im not with someone or inlove
im that girl with no friends at all
and that i miss my dad
i forgot to look at what i have
i have health
i have home
i have family
i have faith
before i cry my eyes out one more time
i looked at the other side of the word
my sadness sound silly
i have no more money to buy that shirt i liked
some only need one penny to keep them alive for another day of hunger
i see i have no friend
some have their family killed in some war in front of them
i see im not that dull slim model
some are a victim of burn
and they still smile
i dont have to cry for a silly stuff
i have to be thankful
and try to help who really are in pain
my pain is like a drip of water in the worlds sea comparing to thous who's in war , miss treated , killed , burned
no mater how sad you think your life is
there's always some one have it worst