Poet 11586

Oh God help us

We live in a world of probabilities
0 don't stand a chance against 100
But if we were about 90% skilled
Then the other 10, we are
So we call out to you,
Oh God help us
In these desperate times
We are restless
Because we're looking for a chance
And it's runnin' through our fingers
And we pray this now
Oh God help us
Can't leave your home without math
Calculating the chance of survival
Though you're proud of yourself
You don't need to at all
Because you don't give a damn
You have learned this at school
Where the children get beaten
And called names for fools
What is the probability
That you care 1 out of a hundred?
99% percent, I'll give you advice
But 1 I will pray for, for you my friend
For you, I will call
Oh God help us
With thesedoubts of mine
We ain't helpers
Because our perfect plan
Has fallen into pieces
And I pray this now
Oh God help us