Poet 11586

Just being honnest

Now your thinking about all the things that you did
Trying to be, to believe you can quit
The ways have turned out and in
Sleeping to forget, u dream about the same thing
You wake up, and the world is still the same
You wish to blame, but the fallen star brought pain
No matter how many cars you can buy, their always be bitches
Picture you when walking, before you met fame
Trying to have a conversation
But the conversation went plain
Now that I made it they want to know your name
So I tell her the truth
Beautiful as you are, I'm sure you was walking, on the pave with the hills and the mini skirt, got peoples attention, but you shut them down because of how they where wearing, or what they where saying, lack of first impression of how they looked facially
I was that person, but now that I made it
Just like you, another one came, even looking much better then you
Maybe we don't know what we want
Maybe its not the question we should be asking
Not how to make it, but what we Love.