Poet 11586

Who can help to retain green?

You green, the greatest assets on earth;
wonder of this creation.... a life line.
my love and my life;
I am missing you,
I am losing you.
My heart bleeds, when you are replaced by concretes;
and the mind gets clouded with darkness.
Onesingle relevant question crops up;
Is it inevitable?
Can't we progress side by side with you?;
You, raising your heads everywhere.
Green and green, beauty of nature
emitting oxygen ,
and cleansing the environment.
Is it a last resort for our survival..... to destroy you?;
Or else would we be doomed!.... destroyed! ?
and there is no way to live without cutting you?.
Cutting you indiscriminately!
Is it a need or a greed?
Someone wants to amasswealth,
unconcerned of theconsequences.
Is it the final decision and approach of the progressive thinkers!
those who talk big of growth and progress.
Why can't they talk big of.......of the need of maintaining green
and goodenvironment.
Why can't they..who talk of growth and development
prevent the blunders happening?.
I am surprised by the news of increase in built up area
Vis a Vis Land.
As it is.... in a suffocated environment without green,
who is up to creation of posh slums
and make the life of the residents miserable?.
Please don't take the nature to disaster
Even in remote dream, I can't think of Earth becoming Mars.
We can live and survive and even progress
Without cutting or destroying green.
I may be more right, if I say that we can survive or progress,
only if we don't destroy green.