Poet 11586

Butterfly haven

perhaps I need a new home
and a new path to walk
The challenge is
to build my own haven
where butterflies are dancing
How can I find You
falling through petals collecting water
and filling buckets of dead weeds?
Perhaps my chance will come
to paint Your glory
I scatter chalk dust from Your cloak
Without  on I walk through
thorns and scorching deserts
to find You beneath waterfalls
A millennium journey is not enough
cracks appear in every sidewalk
After surviving many earthquakes
I find a flower growing out of the deep abyss
Inside are worlds where I can build my refuge
A bridge is built when I cross worlds
and I fall through flower petals
Building a supreme sanctuary out of nothing
Is God's workshop everywhere
Inside Your beautiful haven
I want the nectar
But butterflies are already chasing
for its sweet taste
Inside worlds and out another
how can I remember
that I am still a child?
Chiseling stones in crossways
the courage builds the bridges
Joy dances like butterflies
When love grows
Your haven will grow