Poet 11586

Hope crusher

"I want to be a known famous artist when I grow up!" I say.
"A paycheck  of an actor is low, and the chances of you being one is low!" He says.
"I want to do a different school project from everyone!" I say.
"Everyone will laugh at you and you won't get a high grade!" He says.
"I want to make a lot of friends this year!" I say.
"No one will ever be you're friend because you're too angry!" He says.
"I want to go on a vacation far away on an island!" I say.
"This will cost you a lot of money and you won't find ajob!" He says.
"I want to do this!"
"You can't!"
"I want to get this!"
"You can't!"
I want to meet him!"
"You can't!"
"I want to date her!"
"You can't!"
"I want to date.... him!"
"You absolutely can't!!!!"
How dare you crush my hopes like that?!!! when you sit at home all day doing nothing?!!
Maybe its because your hopes are crushed, that you want to crush mine to feel better!
Your back already hurts, so don't damage mine in the process!!!