Poet 11586

pray about it

Pray about it
Give your trials to Christ
But Jesus, I can see he doesn't love me
I am kept
At a distance
His heart hides
Away from me
Yet we are one
He ignores me
It hurts
Pray about it
But I hear nothing but my fear
See nothing but his power
Lorded over me
I like a humble woman he says
I am only humble for my Lord I reply
Am I too free
All I can see is the prison called love before me
Oh Christ help me
I thought I could see
Now I see too much
And feel blind
He doesn't love me
He drifts away
Unless he needs me
Then he draws me close
Just before pushing me away again
Pray about it
I can hardly pray for him
He hardly sees me
Barely cares about what i might need
I am left feeling beautiful but replaceable
There is no worse feeling than this
His love for me feels lukewarm
He is neither hot or cold
He just remains there
A present absentee
Who cannot see me
I am feeling like a lamb
A sacrifice on the alter of love
He is not connected to me
My energy is absorbed into a ravenous abyss
I feel lonely
Jesus help me