Poet 11586

Flooded Cortex Cup

This might sound a little crazy
Because these thoughts are so abrupt
Ive realized no one cansave me
From my flooded cortex cup
My darlin', I wanna be a sociopath
I'd rather not feel anything at all, in moments like this
My cranial nerves split, excreting a bloody, black bliss
And the points are never proven, it's something I'll never miss
It'd be so damn convenient
If I were a sociopath
id rather dine with my oven
And skip the path of Ms Plath
And it'd be just fine and dandy
If I couldn't feel a thing
Life's just too demanding
Its never as good as it seems
Id rather not take the path of the pretty Ms Plath
It'd be so damn easy if I were a sociopath