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 Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan

Need to get off the endless complaining
projecting Muslin tirades
I praise the real Muslims who live in peace
of race and religion
Tired of this endless propaganda from
CNN and Reality TV junkies
The rights we need
Are not of greed or hating
But this world we share
The blacks browns whites and yellows
I took off on the Muslim poets
Long list of oppressed Immigrants being sent home
By the white oppressors
oppressors come in all color
As do Dumocrats and unworking takers
Who in reality are the real fakers
Most immigration are not border jumpers
Have come here not for crime and gangs
But to start a new life
It is the criminals to send home
The list of oppressed immigrants included
Many of each are my neighbors
They have long been American citizens
It is not a war against races and colors
It is a war against drugs and crime
Next week I well celebrate Chinese New Years
With family and friends
I grew up sharing picking clams and oysters
with my native American brothers
I fished with Fiji Islanders great barbecue chicken
In grade school my best friend died in a swimming accident
He was black and I cried with his mother
But this propaganda ticks me off
In the past I did not have to carry a gun driving down the street
But blacks and Mexican gangs are in a gang war
Over the drug territories
They came in with the recent relaxing of border intrusion
Do I hate Mexican or blacks
I just want them to take their criminals back over the border
Stop breaking into homes to steal guns
One person at a time
we need to work together
to end these conflicts
and make this world a safer place
If not it well become a war
ended not on Earth but in Space
Be it in Heaven or the reality
where the sun does not shine
I don't care whose innaugral was larger
I care about property damage by the so called protesters
Who have been given a free ride and no jobs to go to.
And  bobb try writing real poetry


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