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 Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan

I am told not to use family on my poetry site
But there is some pride I have to make things right
I took offense politics I am on the fence
Dreamweaver knows the battle to save the species
We are on the same team the Dreamer and I
My son is a Georgetown law graduate environmental law
After college he took on Government greed
Fish were dying in the "River Ran through it"
Fly fisherman were crying fish were dying
At the head oil was running through it
Two laws are on the book protecting Rivers and streams
He doesn't' chase ambulances clients come to him
One of the things he loves is fly fishing catch and release
My Grandson's share his love have taken it a step above
The youngest in high school flew back east
Summer vacation was on a Whale boat studying ocean Mammals
Next year it was California on a boat to further studies
My son is the youngest to have laws in his name
And for that little bit of fame there were death threats
Lately one of his fishing partners and Law friends made headlines
His dream a little different he is giving his live work
For the protection of children and the poor
From the same greed of the filty rich
Both Georgetown graduates Seattle natives
Their lives have paralleled both worked the same law firm
A friendship that well last forever Federal Judge Robart
Like I say I am on the fence but to be called a "So called Judge?"
May I get off the fence a moment and remind the President
That his fame is being a reality TV star and Law degree from Trump College by mail
So there you are! One of his reality buddies just returned
From North Korea sharing wine with one of the most ruthless dictators
Many of the pilots attacking and destroying the towers
From Saudia Arabia and not on the ban list
Yes I approve of making America strong again
But I am not blindly impressed at the expense of the poor
Maybe we should start at the greed on the top
We well never be strong if there is no hope for those on the bottom


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