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The Poem Tree

There once was an old man,
who live near a large poem tree.
Every time he wrote a poem
He'd hang it on the old poem
tree for every one passing by to see.

He feverishly wrote day and night,
about people he knew, places
he'd been.

And of  eagles soaring
on high, lovers, Angels, fairies,
storms, wars, giants  and little
people no bigger than a tiny fly.

He once wrote a poem about a far
away place across the salty sea,
where a beautiful maiden he did see.

She stole his heart and they soon eloped
in a one horse cart. They boarded a large
ship and took a long trip.

They live forever and a day in a magical
place called the USA.
Now the old poem tree is loaded down
with poems so heavy they touch the ground.
One dark night an angel came and took his
fair maiden away and gave her a heavenly crown.

Soon the old poet must put down his pen
and watch the mighty poem tree bend, as
those ancient poems fly away into the
cold Autumn wind.

Jackie r. Kays

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The Poem Tree




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