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~Weaving Dreams~
(Free Verse)

Mind have countless dreams illusions
Flowing bubbles glowing in mid-air
Radiant sunrises sunsets pretty pictures
Sometimes growing burning in the sun

Pillars of great strength raising
High seemly all the way into the sky
Lovable and gentle sweet creatures
Spreading their love and true devotion

Black yellows greens blues and purple pinks
Passing glassy ships filled of inconceivable dreams
In a spinning wheel orbiting weaving on the time
Penning words overflowing thoughts with volumes of my mind.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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I want to say a heartfelt "thanks" to each and all of you who has left me a thoughtful feedback and also sign my guestbok.Thank you for reading my poetry and your support in both and my artwork.I really appreate it a lot.

 Poetic Dreams Liquid Dreams

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My first three poetry books, "Poetic Dreams", "Liquid Dreams"; "Praising Through Poetry." and my latest other poetry book titles. All my thirty (30) something poetry books are all now available online at Lulu.com, Amazon.com,Barnes&Nobles, etc.. other places online. You may use the link above to purchase any of my 30 something poetry books titles that I've currently published by  clicking on the Lulu.com logo.  

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Dorian Petersen Potter(aka ladydp2000)has been writing poetry since her very early teens and has also been a fine artist since a few years later on right after that. Well since then she's been very busy studying and exploring so many other art forms techniques and also other art crafts, meanwhile always pursuing her poetry and writing as well as having a very important role for her as a mother too. She'd been published in many book anthologies, and in many other poetry book collections in the past many years. Dorian Petersen Potter(aka ladydp2000) has also published in print up to date around 30 (or more) poetry book titles of her own which can be purchased from: Lulu.com,Amazon com. & Barnes & Noble,or from many other places or book stores in the internet or you can easily obtain them directly from her if you want an autographed copy, which she'll be more than glad to sign for you if you ask her to do so, just please privately e-mail her and let her know which poetry book title you want and what kind you wish to purchase and she'll contact you back by e-mail and give you all the information about prices or all you need to know. My books titles are: "Poetic Dreams" "Liquid Dreams" "Praising Through Poetry" which is my 3rd book also recently released last year and many more other titles that since then have also been released in book print by me. I have a total of around 30 poetry book titles in all or more which have already by now been released to this day. You can find them all at www.Lulu.com, www.amazon.com,Barnes&Noble... Some of the book titles are for sale there or just search under my name in many book stores online.
.She's happy to be here, and meet a lot of wonderful poets and friends. Thank you for spending some of your time reading some of her work. She hopes that you enjoy reading her work as much as she always enjoys writing it .Thank you again for visiting "POETIC DREAMS" and for all your kindness and support. So read, write and enjoy poetry! May God bless you all! With love, ~Dorian Petersen Potter (aka ladydp2000) Please, don't forget to bookmark this page and sign her guest-book, before you leave and thank you again for your visit her here at her own "Poetic Dreams" website.

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P.S. -A SHORT NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR- You're invited now to visit her art pages with photos of some of her parchment,drawing,painting artwork, which she's been doing for a long time.She'll be adding new art pictures of her work once in while.Her art webpages links are right below.

"Parchment and Artwork by Dorian" (My Personal Art Webpage)

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My personal website Art Gallery with ArtWanted.com is: www.ArtWanted.com/ladydp2000


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~Hear The Call~
(Free Verse)

Dreams of doom fills me quick,
Overshadows my whole being
And thoughts as dark come to be,
With impending doom I can hardly see...

I feel so tired, weary
All of sudden feel heavier on my feet...
Nothing to hold me, I can't take another step,
His evil presence blinds my way...

I'm falling into a darker endless hole,
And a fear like none other raises over me,
Where undead horrifying faces my heart grips...
He overpowers me and his dark riders creeped on me...

The precious he wants from me at all cost...
And the ring bids me now,strongly,to do his master's will!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Authors notes:

(from Frodo's point of view at the Prancing Pony Inn. Frodo's about to slip into darkness...)
-From my poetry collection and inspired by the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit books and movies-

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Poet: ladydp2000