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Andrew Maynard This page is for those few tike to read poetry that deals with religion. This is one of them:
Please Forgive Me

I gone the wrong way for such a long time, i feel like i need to be forgiven. Not of what i'm doing now, but what i have done. I feel that i've done you wrong because i forgot about  what you've done for many years. During those years, i drunk many beers. So many, my family was crying nearly everyday. They told me to stay away from the bars n' such, i was so hard-headed, though, that all i heard was blah-blah-blah, not what they were trying to say. The next day,  i had such a revelation (discovery), of what i was doing, that i changed into a totally seperate person than i was before. I felt like i was a human grate, before the change. My entire state of being changed when i changed my thinking to a "regular" person's. © A Maynard, 8/20/11 

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