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Souls how they have traveled life after life
Often reach a point with a longestin time
Need a special place here and now of grace
To rest and feel at ease more so summer wine

For endless reasons after lifes many seasons
Past all life's many exams and endless tests
As if taking time below a shady tree to relax
Looking back upon a life time of giving bests

Still a little tied of always having always tried
To please others all along lifes longest road
To please all come what may to this day
While taking with them many a heavy load

Asking not reward of miles none ending haud
For being deeply thus within loving in lifes sin
Not considered of feelings since ever realized
For endless giving since here they thus begin

In need of being loved by one who loves them
For whom they've always been so deeply below
Seeking so to reach a place of honest integrity
A soul mate of understanding love thus to know

Not feeling this to find a soul ever lovingly kind
As they also took every longest searching stride
And finally arriving at a heartfelt relieving home
Soul mates meet treasuring unknown loves pride

Souls needing soul mates after lifes many storms
They've been given a reward of finally being one
In a place of grace heart mind body face to face
To realize after all lifes giving they have finally won

terrence michae sutton
copyright 2017/18

( I myself meet these souls them not aware what it is
I see within in them and my being aware they
have earned having arrived home ..
Myself the Philippines .. )

© aussiepoet - all rights reserved.

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