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Welcome to My Poetry Site

Connect the Circle of Life


Connect the circle, give it to someone that

needs to know, the true meaning, to

continue on, with passion, endurance, in

spirit, of all who love mother earth, with

all their heart, realizing she loves you

dearly, treat her good, with deep respect

and understanding.

Living true to nature shall make you strong

excepting trials that face you every day

having courage, strength, and faith to

complete your journey.

Say hello to mother sun and father

moon, and collect all the stardust

that falls upon your life with joy.

Drink of the water fresh from the heavens

and collect the feathers from angels

dropping them for you to know they are


Thank your spirit guides that shall

lead you home someday with love

and grace.

Be yourself and don't be deceived from

those who think they have all the answers

living life.

Play your cards well, and honesty will deal

you happiness, always respect your heart

desires, passion of life, to succeed your

adventures with knowledge, understanding

and wisdom to follower your heart.

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

© mypoems1186 - all rights reserved.

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Connect the Circle of Life




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