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Fleeting Dawn

Fleeting Dawn

Silence fills the early dawn
A time before days stirring moments, a time when night moves on
A sun's gradual climb looks upon this earth
Open eyes of daylight sit proudly in our sight

The sweet cooing of morning Doves sends the day their purest love
So regal is the mountains scene, inviting the ancient reverence gleam
Know each brush of wind that streams silencing the earth's searching screams
Mountains yawn when it lifts its eyes to dawn

Connecting mountains join their hands and reach the heavens where starlight stands
Flat top mountains Forest pines call out to this heart of mine
Pines that stand so tall echoes in the Eagles scream, a place where wildlife lives to bind the seams
Soft shadows of the bird on the wing is where the soul of time is blessed with sun's golden ring

Dawn escapes into day's soft shine releasing glory when newborn day walks across heavens line
Mankind lives on to witness the grandeur of this Mountain's story
Hearts will soften to its power, as rains embrace in graceful showers
Glazer's cooling water streams to quench the thirst of lucid dreams

© allseasonsverse - all rights reserved.

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Fleeting Dawn




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