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Welcome to My Poetry Site-ALL SEASONS VERSE

Dreams or Fairy Tales

Dreams or Fairy Tales

A soft marshmallow sky at the edge of the world when storms pass by thirst maintains,

Yet, the waters of the soul so placid and silky sheen so pure and clean

A gentle rain where thirst maintains, or light dust of snow or lazy breeze

A paradise a sight that kisses mankind's eyes.

Some say a fairy tale was born, in the corner of timeless peace and still seas

Now stands a home of royalty.

No armor or sword no lance or fireball, all weapons disappear, this is a time and place 

That knows no fear. Tools to build a castle early as we rise, a work that lifts us

To duty's call.

We can not live in dreams or sweet fairy tales, but golden moments are found 

When clipper ships cast their sails.

Guide on to shores of beauty near peaceful hearts creations, and the tired soul a fruitful warm vacation!

Dream the dream of healing it is the best we can do and let the warmth of love belong to you

Yes, wounds will heal when dreams of peace and freedom come true

The scene of beauty  will surely follow through

©Allseasonsverse 2018

All rights reserved


© allseasonsverse - all rights reserved.

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Dreams or Fairy Tales




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