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Poetic Verses

I Did Say No

You came as an unwanted guest
When you thought my hands were tied
But I didn't let you conquer me
In spite of all you tried.

You tried to change my lifestyle
And make me a recluse
Because I never knew just when
I would suffer more abuse.

You tried to make me look bad
And bring me to my knees
As if I were a sloppy drunk
On another of his sprees.

You tried to talk me out of them
The things I once enjoyed
And have me yield to idleness
My zest for life destroyed.

You tried to convince me soundly
That my plight would see no end
But I have learned to fight you off
And now I'm on the mend.

Yes, you came as an unwanted guest
The enfeebling Vertigo
But I didn't let you conquer me
Though you tried, I did say no.

© sketchingwithwords - all rights reserved.

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