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Poetry From The Teen Heart


Raindrops splinter upon the ground,
Such weather, so profound.
They kiss the ground upon thy lips,
And flutter around in such nonsense.
I hear them speak, as they fall,
I hear them speak, I hear their call.

They speak to me, they speak my name,
I hear their call, am I insane?

A mysterious presence, I can feel it,
Curiosity overcomes my spirit.
Shadows fall upon the walls,
Gloom spread throughout the halls.

A dreary night, or so it seems,
Perhaps this is but a dream.
A dream in which is reality,
Or am I in a state of naïveté?

I hear their voice, so melodious,
Their words that seem so iniquitous.

Thunder claps, lightning breaks the sky,
A storm is brewing, I do imply.

Lightning ripples through the clouds,
Thunder roars through the rainiy shroud.

The storm is growing, becoming strong,
Take cover, for it shall prolong.
Listen to me, I do implore,
It shall rain, and it shall rain some more.

© poet10114 - all rights reserved.

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