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I like to tell stories. I knew that since the beginning. Once upon a time, before video games plagued childhoods across the nation, my friends and I would delve into the worlds that I'd craft with my imagination and a few Crayolas. We had fun, but more importantly, we learned how much control we had over the world around us; we couldn't physically change the soccer field into the Swamp of Styx, but we could approach our current world with another one in mind. I held on to a lot of what we learned through our adventures, and I knew I wanted to continue telling stories. There are quite a few ways you can tell a story. What were my choices?

Sing? Nope. My voice is somewhere between nails on a chalkboard and a car peeling out of a Walmart parking lot. Paint? Can't say I ever got past the stick figures.
How about cinematography? I can't seem to keep my hands still - kinda ruins the shot. Write? Well, I have a computer, and I can speak in complete sentences. Eureka?

I'm not a Poet. Hell, I'm not even a writer. I'm a storyteller, and I'm using every tool I can get my hands on.