Tattoos in Mayberry

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Buddy Bee Anthony

'Don't keep me a secret'.
I've said that to so many people
that I almost cringe now when
when I catch myself saying that
when describing my talents.
I have been given and have
honed my gifts as a listener,
learner, teacher,songsmith, and speaker.
I only speak about
what I know about.
I'm always learning new things.

I am a humorist,
we may look at life through different lenses
but, we can learn from those divides.
And, then we often
discover we're not so different as we first imagined.
Music is the portal to understanding
it's a universal language. like dance,
Music is in the wind,
The eternal ebb and flow of the tide.
When I sing , a warm bond is formed, a wave,
rolling with the current.
There's a hypnotic ebb and flow.

I might sing a few bars of a song, then stop.
to and ask you a question
I welcome even savor quick, often biting sarcasm. Test me.
Tell me your story.
Or I can start and tell you mine. w

if there's an awkward momentary lull in our conversation,
or I suspect I'm losing somebody singing a slow love ballad..
I can change it up in an instant.
I'm comfortable talking with my audience
or I may free associate with music
Grab and keep your attention, through spectacle,
and comedic effect.
I'm actually singing a song
directly to you.
it's artistic expression to sing about things you might not be able to talk about in polite
in polite conversation.
The cult of my music is good medicine.
I get people to feel something good inside when I sing.
Being also a songwriter and poet. I can do off the cuff material.
to shock, awe and amaze your audience, of friends or students.
I enjoy sharing Indigenous,traditional, Country, as well as Native American Folk songs.
I've also written and can share a powerful
two part, protest marching songs.
I also can simply can rock and roll,
Along with sing the blues, if you'd like. Or just warm up and we can pick each other's brains.
You name it...I sing slow ballads, or cross over styles.
Along with inventing a few
styles of my own.
Use me.
Live a little.
I enjoy good country western.
I have written and co-written some
I know what the good stuff looks like.
Plain talk, you're going to have a wonderful, memorable
grand old time.
Let's talk soon about about how we can make this happen.