Rainbows in Water


Riding Life upon A Pen

My name is signed upon a page
the first day I am alive
In a book my name is scribed
in the church I am baptized,
The shots I receive are written down
so all who care will know,
The grades I get are under my name
for an education I can sow;

Then I put my pen in hand
and paint the world I see,
I sculpt the words of love
for the girl I will wed to be,
The sunshine, clouds, and all the rest
I build from memory;

To build the world that I see
to last for all eternity,
But, then I see with others eyes
the pain , and the love around,
I also see the heartache
that put strong men on the ground,
I taste the hatred of the soul
whose prejudice is unjust,
Then I see a mother
who spreads love instead of lust;

All these things upon a page
with thoughts like running tides,
To paint my picture of Humanity
for all those reading eyes.

W/by Guy Dan Schuyler
Cr. 13 August 2003

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