Irish/Celtic/Poet Hud Official Notice: November 12th 2015

Announcement of the late Poetry Writer David Hudson

March 20th 1956 - September 9th 2015

This is a personal statement from the family of the late David Hudson who passed away suddenly on September 9th 2015. His passing was peaceful, and we wish to announce to fans of his written poetry that this has occured.

May late father was very passionate about his poetry and we love that people from all around the world enjoyed his work.

Please continue to read his wonderful work, all of which was very fascinating, uplifting, deep and uncompromised to say the least.

We very much welcome readers to leave comments and continue to enjoy his poetry for years to come.


Jacqueline Hudson

 "May you find happiness in those things that are true to you"-Hud-

"Life is like a string of pearls, those stringy bits in-between seem tie everything nicely together" -Hud-

"Life is so fleeting, moments are compressed into time intervals that makes up our short existence"-Hud-

"Life is one big journey into the unknown but your life experiences are felt by future generations linked to us" -Hud-

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