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This site is dedicated to my family, friends and anyone that appreciates poetry written about
life's joys and sadness.
Life is too short so you must grasp it with both hands while you're here and always cherish it.
I will endeavour to put a smile on your face as you reminisce, there may be times you will shed
a tear and hopefully perhaps laugh at life's good times and take inspiration from the bad times
which we will all experience at some point in our lives.
Please feel welcome to visit my site for changes and updates as I have an insatiable appetite
for writing new poetry based on life itself.
I would be obliged if you would bookmark this page and sign my guestbook, please feel free to
comment on any of my work as I find it's the best way of teaching the writer about the feelings
of others, it's also a great learning curve for me.
Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to visit my world of poetry!

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