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I was asked by a friend in the early seventies what I would do when I retired and my immediate answer was that I would sit down and write poetry, he looked at me with I remember a slightly odd look as if to say how strange how very strange.
Though I have always played with verse mainly in my head though during the pursuing thirty years I did not actually get down and commit any of my thoughts to paper until this year.
The end result being that I added to the lines that had been running through my head for the past ten or more years “I dream a dream” and so completed my first poem followed by Normandie forest.
I write for my own enjoyment and satisfaction, about any and every subject but I also have written verses for family and friends when I have been asked to do so.
So please feel free to visit, just click on POETRY and hopefully you will find a verse or two you enjoy and that you can relate to, I would appreciate it enormously if you could add some feedback and why not sign my guest book also. Please come back often as I am always adding to my list.

AVW November 2005

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