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 Defuse the Bomb Safely

Inside my body exists an emotional powder keg today;
Ready to explode if anything comes close to the detonator.
A hair trigger, ready to go off at the slightest disturbance;
What an awful existence, knowing my gentleness is not resident.

I go to the gym, seeking the medicine of the iron, lifting hard;
This is not good enough for today, the trigger is still cocked.
Tension surges through me, anger is bubbling under the surface;
I am a trap to whosoever comes into my path, they will be unaware.

My soul screams out for assistance,  not wishing for this fate;
Down from the heavens comes a bolt of lightning, striking hard.
I am in a safe place, away from the populace, as the reaction begins;
Ripping throughout my body, my mind, my very soul; torn to shreds.

I awake finding myself, lying in a heap; bleeding, cut, and burned;
Stumbling to my feet, my clothing is tattered and torn, I can finally sigh .
There is a six foot crater surrounding me; today was the big one;
Climbing out and going home to nurse my wounds, shower, and change.

Such a powerful force existing within me is hard for me to imagine;
I am so gentle, so peaceful, so calm; or is this simply a mask I wear.
Today, I am led to wonder who really resides within, which Fred am I?
Thankful that my soul sought help to defuse the bomb safely.


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