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In phantom form at midnight hour
he joins with me 'neath moonlight's bower

I've closed my eyes and he appears,
arms opened wide to allay my tears

His sweet caress runs down my spine
fills me with such shivers divine

Upon my bed he lays me down,
indulges me with narry a sound

A devilish smile that meets green eyes –
I drown in them; unbidden, a sigh

A touch, a tease from tender lips
a grazing hand across eager hips

With words of love he fills my mind
enticing warmth into places he'll find

His fingers trace a fiery trail
eliciting moans, my sanity derails

Then, to the brink of ‘la petit mort'
he carries me, his devoted consort

As passion burns inside so deep
he relinquishes…and I drift to sleep…

When comes the morn, before I rise
envisioning him as he strokes my thigh

Eyes startled wide in full sunlight
destroy my dreams of my man of midnight

Tonight he'll come to me once more
his passion will reign behind my door  

The art of love is more you see
than what you feel of life's reality

For through the mind, the body, and soul
is where lovemaking makes you whole

So return to me my phantom of dreams
that my mind and soul may feel love stream

And soon one day, reality too
when he joins me in body he'll be like you

K.Tate Jacoby
October 20, 2009

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