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My Brother

My Brother

I was born in a large family
I was very close to my brother.
I fought with him and cried
He gave me chocolate in return
To cheer me up and to comfort me

I go behind him wherever he went
And found all the naughty things he did
And I went and reported it to my mother
My mother scolded him and I laughed at him
In return he started to punish me
He asked me to polish his shoes
Wash his clothes and iron his clothes

I love my brother from the bottom of my heart
When he went for higher studies I felt lonely
When he came back during holidays
I was happy and tried to be with him
We did a lot of naughty things in our house
Teasing people, miming, singing etc
There was a long list of things we did it together

My brother became a lawyer
I was the happiest person
I got married and moved far away
I felt sad and remembered him
He came to see me in my house
He brought lots of presents for me

The years passed but I still miss him
I remember all the things we did together
When we were young
I love my brother more than anyone
I pray to God to give him as my brother
In all my births if I reincarnate.

ŠAdikaran 20/10/09

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