Voice Of The Lost

I lie on bed lifeless, hopeless, and useless
The face of death a plastic doll as my visage
The cold of death on my lips and skin STONE COLD!!
The scent of death reeks around me and all there is

My soul long departed beyond or so they believe
Only the dead know the dead' secrete and so death it is
The grim reaper did his work, reaped before bloom
If only I had time, a little time to bid fare well

"Rest in peace" the final death knell on my fate
Clouded, adrift in a different zone I cry tears no one sees
Mourning more for the living than the dead
My precious parents, sweet babies and the love of my life

Don't judge yourself daddy I knew you loved me
Even when your ego wont allow you to say it
It was in the silence we shared the unspoken words
It tears my heart to see you hurting, I love you too daddy

Mummy your wails put a dagger through my dead heart
Don't tag at my lifeless arms because I'm long gone
Gone but not really gone, never really gone till HE says so
I'm in the air you breathe, the kisses of the wind, the smile you will have

My precious babies, darling angels, your despair breaks me
So young, so green, so innocent on matters of mortality and immortality
You don't deserve to see your mummy a dummy, a shadow of her former self
How I wish I could wipe away your tears, kiss away the pain, explain all this

My darling, love of my life, keeper of my heart, father to my children
It was a short journey but sweet with you by me through good and bad
Its come to worst, don't cry my love, I understand your pain
But like everything it will come to pass, this I promise

The world closes before me with the sealing of the coffin
Banished forever in a different zone, in a frozen time unknown to the living
Separated from those I love, those I lived for, those I cherished
"From dust to dust, ashes to ashes" a seal to my fate.

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Voice Of The Lost

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