Pegasus Princess
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 Story of Pegasus by wings2fly2heaven 10 30 2009
Written June 23 2008

Pegasus- the horse with wings,
Had a spirit of gold,
The only non-god creature,
Whose heart was pure I'm told.

Born from the earth through mixing,
Of Poseidon's foam of sea,
And Gorgon Medusa's blood,
He rose up to immortality.

Engaged in a contest on Mount Helicon,
Pierus' daughters versus muses nine,
Darkness fell on the mountain,
As the daughters sang in rhyme.

'Twas the “Song of the Muses”,
Listened with joy the sky and sea,
Even the mountain began to rise up!
For their songs were filled with glee.

But from the advice of Poseidon,
Pegasus stopped its heavenly climb,
From his kick arose Hippocrene,
”Spring of inspiration” for all time.

Pegasus was called "Thundering Horse"
Symbol of the blooming of spring,
And he carried Zeus' thunderbolts,
Lightening thunder and rain he'd bring.

Hero-Bellerophon rode him in battle,
Against Khimara the fire-breathing foe,
Then he tried to make Pegasus fly,
To where no mortal man could go.

And Zeus was not amused at this,
So an insect bite he sent,
And Pegasus bucked off Bellerophon,
Tumbled off him a fatal descent.

Pegasus continued to wing his way,
To the palace of Zeus he'd soar,
And because he was pure in heart,
He could enter the Greek-gods door.

Pegasus shall always be with us,
A constellation in heavens above,
Given immortality into the stars!
He's inspiration and infallible love.

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