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My Native Land-Kerala

My Native Land Kerala

I was born in south of India
It is a beautiful place in India
It is known as God's own country
Amazing greenery is seen in the country

It is packed with beaches and hill stations
It also has bird sanctuaries in various places
It has its own wonders of nature
And it holds a rich cultural heritage

It has various animals & birds
As well as elephants to butterflies
It has a lot of coconut trees and
Its water cools you down in the heat

The national festival takes place
In the beginning of harvest season
When the rain pours down
And the flowers are in full blossom

This festival is known as Onam
It is celebrated over ten days
Onam is celebrated to welcome
King Mahabali on his return

Onam is considered as an occasion
Of the whole family's get together
They exchange clothes and gifts
All sit together and eat the feast.

I miss Onam because I live in
A faraway land but I still can
Celebrate it in my own way
Having a feast together
With my daughter & friends

Adikaran 24/10/09

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