Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

It used to be so simple...

The sun is slowly passing away
Behind the wintry pink clouds.
The water slams upon the shore,
Denting the cold, gritty sand.
My hands dig down deeper,
Feeling the thousands of grains.
I get up to go,
Frozen and numb from the breeze.
It used to be so simple to drown.
Now it takes courage.
I walk away with the wind
Freezing my tears in place.
As the soft glow of the sun fades,
I am standing in darkness,
Hearing nothing,
But the waves caressing the shore.
Feeling nothing,
But the sand between my toes.
Seeing nothing,
But a watery grave, like a thousand
Pinpricks stabbing me all at once.


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It used to be so simple...

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