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I Met Someone Like You

I met someone like you last year
He made me wish that you were near
And when he left, I shed a tear
For it reminded me that you're not here
I met someone like you last month
At a party, he was pouring punch
He was quite handsome but I had a hunch
That I'd regret it if I met him for lunch
I met someone like you last week
Inside a lingerie boutique
And oh, we shared a romantic feat
But I knew a commitment with him was bleak
I met someone like you last night
I tried and tried with all my might
To not think of you because it wasn't right
That as I looked in his eyes, you were my sight
I met someone like you today
I saw you in his lovely face
He imitated your poise and grace
Therefore, I couldn't bear to stay
No matter what I say or do
I always meet someone like you
It makes me think of how we grew
Until our union, our connection was through
I've met someone who's had your eyes
Your charm, your wits, your laugh and smile
Your sense of humor, your nose, your style
Your hands, your height, your chivalry, your guile
Someone who held me close like you
Someone who kissed me like you too
A guy who cussed like you would do
Someone who copied your taboo
A man like you who couldn't sing
A man like you in which I shared a fling
A man like you who thought he was king
A man like you who wore a ring
Some guy who ran like you would walk
Some guy who lied like you would talk
Some guy who lingered like you would stalk
Some guy who stared like you would gawk
The list goes on infinitely
So many people I wished that you could be
And every night before I sleep
I wonder if you've met someone like me
Someone who loves you more than herself
And even more than you do yourself
Who would never put you before anyone else
Before her sanity, before her health
A woman who'd give you her last breath
Whose love will certainly outlive her death
Who was addicted to you like a fiend to meth
Tell me, have you met her yet?
I know you're answer is ‘to no degree'.
You're still in search, but don't you see?
I've met men like you on every street
But there is no other woman in this world like me.

Poetiqxpressionz, 20090910

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