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Prayer Of Sincerity

My duty is being obstructed by my rain filled sight,
I can hardly see thy dim watery light
       down the path,
Truly, I don't know how long my vision's
      going to last
      in this dark lonely night
      surrounding me,
But I'm not chained down
      so let me pray freely
Lord, dry these streams from my weary eyes
      by the power of thy might
      and clears my stormy skies,
      O most dearly,
You control my lows and my highs
      I'm asking so sincerely
with my hands stretched out
      You know everything,
If this is what being humble is all about
then read the content of my heart purely
      in the mercy of thy name
If honest tears have bathe thy feet
      then rest not in thy seat
      and take me out this rain
I need thy deliverance clearly

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Prayer Of Sincerity