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 Childhood Memories of Christmas

This season brings back a flood of memories from my childhood;
Not able to place the year, but a flash of everything that is good.
I know that there must have been some bad, but none come to mind;
That excitement on Christmas morning, looking to see what I can find.

My Christmas stocking filled with goodies, a book of Life Saver's;
Chocolate covered cherries, candy coins, loving Christmas' flavors.
Hula Hoops, my stick horse, Trigger, and a Duncan yo-yo for fun;
My Roy Roger's pistols and cowboy hat kept the bad guys on the run.

I remember the church Christmas party, the bubble lights on the tree;
Aunt Mildred's white metal tree decorated in all blue was a sight to see.
We would string popcorn, and wrap garland around our big ole spruce;
On Christmas morning, no mater what, my brother and I called a truce.

Christmas in the fifties, when Santa was still so alive in my eyes;
The world was as fresh and pure as a new snow, I didn't see any lies.
The Christmas parade downtown, the display upstairs at Rooklyn's store;
We always left milk and cookies, and a little hay for the reindeer by the door.

My childhood memories of Christmas are still alive and well in my head;
I have that tingle of excitement on Christmas Eve when I lay down in my bed.
I wish to take a moment and wish for you that your Christmas be blessed;
Remembering those good times whenever the holidays get you stressed.


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