Manny Bauer was a very hard-working man.  He spent most of his life
       eating, sleeping and working.  And now he was retired.  After a few days
       of leisure, he became very restless.  He was now living in a retirement
          He heard that they had a game-room, and decided to see if something
       would interest him.  So he looked through the schedule to see what was
       offered for the day.  As he was glancing through the schedule, he discovered
       something which he thought would interest him, which was a misprint, which
       appeared as POKE HER, decided that sounded like fun.  So he decided to play
       that game, and proceeded to poke the unsuspecting woman, who screamed out
       loud.  He laughed so hard, and decided that this was a perfect game for him --
       and went around looking for women to poke.
          Meanwhile, there was a POKER game going on.  One of the men who was
       playing cards came over to Manny and said, "What are you doing?"
          Manny said, "I'm playing POKE HER."  
          The card player said, "That's ridiculous."
          And Manny replied, "Oh, it's loads of fun. You should try it sometime.
       Now you'll have to excuse me, I still have some women to poke."

                                              Evelyn Sterngart

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