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burning man


I sitting thinking I'm at the end.
Not the end of time itself,
Plainly the end of ever writing.
I keep thinking of the line, the burning man
Perhaps, that's simply me wanting to write again.
So here I am trying to burn once more.
If I stop caring about my failings, and think less
Of what others say about me perhaps I will
Once again get down on paper how I feel,
And stop burning up inside.
Feeling I'm to old to write,
 it's all in the past.
Instead let's shout I'm still about
t after all they are only
Thoughts of my own not what others imagine?

When, the idea springs to mind
That intrinsic moment.
Then dismiss it, that's when
 I know I'm burning up inside
Here I sit trying to write myself back into
Doing, and stop my musing
upon the end of time.

I look back, and realise
It's only words on paper
Some may enjoy, and some may
Despair at my folly
There are those who
Do not understand the concept of a
Moment in time.

When we need time to ourselves, and
Here I am the burning man
Trying to take time, and write again.
I shall write, good or bad who i don't care.

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burning man