Beautiful Disaster

Laments of An Apple

The glaze of wax
Covering my red coat
Reflects the light of the sun
Winking to hungry eyes
Hoping to persuade one over
He saw me! He is coming over!
I stretch out my leaves
So welcoming
And gleam my gleamiest gleam
But my smile fades
And my heart breaks
As he reaches for her
She fell three days ago
Underneath her unblemished coat
She's rotten to the core
And infested with worms
But when he sinks his teeth
Into her flesh
He'll know
But by then
It's too late
He's sworn off apples for life
I've seen it so many times before
Why not me?
Under my coat
My flesh is succulent
And I'm bursting with flavor
With the potential to be anything
Apple pie, applesauce, apple juice
The work is mine!
And yet, I'm still hanging from this tree
They never look up
They settle for the easy ones
Unwilling to put forth the effort
To climb the tree and retrieve me
I'm worth it
Aren't I?

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