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 Krazy Glue

All who have used Krazy Glue
Realize it is a very sticky goo
Fingers can become attached
Polish remover helps to detach

There are also spiritual parallels
For everyone to consider as well
Some do not take faith seriously
But it impacts our eternal destiny

When we are so attached with God
Nothing separates the path we trod
The Holy Spirit becomes the glue
Forever sealing all believers too
Some professing faith, seek a new way
Not firmly grounded, they are led astray
Mistakenly saying it makes more sense
They deny the Truth in original context
Others choose to be detached from God
Leaving Him out on the path they trod
Easier to believe that God does not exist
So they avoid the questions that persist

But everyone who has come into the Light
The Holy Spirit gives them divine insight
Revealing Truth through His Word each day
In open hearts, He will show them the way

Only God intimately knows the human heart
Faith anchored in Him alone will not depart
By daily meditating and applying His Word
We are not easily influenced by the world

Carol Salter 2/4/10

Based in part on insights received from Laugh & Lift


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