Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Pie'ce de re'sistance

My longing burns a hole
Through my festering heart,
An organ I sequestered
Long ago, to prevent more
Third degree burns.

But you with those light eyes
And your nonchalant walk
Have swept me up in a
Blister of exquisite whispers.

Demons dot kisses upon
My crooked spine, to further
Bend it till my yelps brought
You to me, to soothe me in
An amalgamation of insults
Dressed up to resemble kindness.

A sinner draped in silken
Axioms, I cling to the tapestry
Of your design, smiling and
Banishing you from sight.

I take my seclusion on
Midnighted mondays and pray
For the end of the week,
When I can dream about you safely,
Without the threat of interruption.


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Pie`ce de re`sistance

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