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 Reflections of My Heart

The Principals of Love and Lust Part 5 Love The Final Chapter?

The Principals of Love and Lust
Part Five
~ Love ~

Love ....

Not sure how I'm gonna do this one
It is partially unchartered
territory for me and I guess
that is why I have put this off till last.
Oh I have truly loved
(other than family and friends)
four times in my life,
but as of yet have not
had that love returned.
You know
The love where you let down all walls
you let them freely walk your heart
and have no fear in doing so.
In all honesty the first two loves
I was not wise enough
to have walls put up for protection.
Didn't realize they were needed.

The second two I have to hand it to
the men they really fought hard
to knock the walls down
Just don't understand why ...
Any way....

Love to me is...
A very small four letter word
but the meaning has such impact
on the lives of others.
Misused it can be devastating..
Spoken from the heart I can only
imagine it to be the most magnificent
feeling known to man or woman.

Love is when you give of self completely
there are no hidden agendas
it is open and honest.

I have discovered once you love
you cant unlove. That the heart
has many different chambers in
which love is contained. When
a heart is broken it is a waste of time
to try to make that love go away
It wont...
But instead you lock it away in
one of the many chambers. It is
a process one has to go through
to eliminate the hurt and lock
away the love... One has to strive
to remember only the good
Harboring the pain
only makes one bitter.

You have to truly like the person
you fall in love with..
If you don't like
the overall person they are
then chances are
what you are feeling
is lust...

When a couple walks the path of Love
there will be stumbles and yes even falls
but you help each other up,
patch up damage done
and move on as stronger more united couple

Within the recipe of love

There is giving and taking

There is wanting and needing

There are common interests enough
to make you compatible yet
enough diversities to make
it exciting and adventurous

You have to realize you both
need "ME" time. Alone time.

There can be no secrets or lies
both always come to the surface
and will cause doubt.

Both have to accept the
individuality of each other
and most important
to have the ability
to agree to disagree.

You must keep your self
not just physically attractive
but mentally attractive as well

Both have to work hard to the keep
the relationship young and exciting
Always keep that mentality you had
when you were dating.
Keep the passion ALIVE....
Its the little things that speak volumes

A rose on a pillow

Two red roses will offer an awesome
"surprise" bubble bath
(hey men like them too
especially when you join him)

Sunday morning breakfast in bed

A hidden note that simply says I love you

A call during the day to just say I love you

A surprise date
So what if you have kids
Send them to Grandma and Grandpa
for the night or a friend that you
can return the favor for some nite.

You see out of all the creatures
God created He gave us imagination...
He gave us the ability to have dreams
To Love...
I believe in my heart of hearts
God made a mate for every soul
Some find theirs quickly
some take years thru many trials and errors.
Some ??? Well they never find theirs...

You see lust is an awesome thing
when it is mixed with love
Men can use the excuse of their
primal need of propagation for lust
and the justification of
women being the nurturers
That is just as I said an excuse
Men have the same
neutering capabilities as women.
It may not be the MANLY thing to admit to
but they have them
Are men trying to tell me
that a Mother loves her child
more than a Father can???
People I don't buy it!!!!
The love I received from my father
goes unmatched and
maybe that is my problem
in my own search for love...
So my feeling is, we as humans
(men and women)
lust because it is a need
that we can CHOOSE to act upon.
Oh there is nothing wrong with lust
but it is the manner
in which WE CHOOSE to do so.

Its all about choices
and as with everything
There are rules and guidelines

There are limits and boundaries

There are decisions and restraints

There are joys and consequences

There are lines not to be crossed

If you are miserable in your marriage
look at yourself first as to why.
You have choices...
Either work it out, accept it or get out
Don't draw another person
into your miserable world
Don't make the decision to let lust
rip apart three lives.
You have the right
to make that decision for YOU
Not two other people.

I believe the act of making love
is the most precious union between
two people.
To me it is a sign of commitment,
one to the other....
and should not happen with out it.
I do not consider myself to be a pair
of shoes to be tried on... walked in
before the commitment to keep me is made.
Its all about looking within at who the
person really is not what is on the surface
That precious union should not be abused
as a trial and error thingy....
I remember a time when that precious
union was saved for the marital bed
Funny at how many
of those couples stayed together,
when now the divorce rate is so high.

I am not here to pass moral judgment
on ANYONE ....
I and God can only judge me on mine
This is just a self inventory of MY heart
something that is so necessary for me
to find me again.
While one thinks walls protect,
walls also block out and this is an
attempt to break mine down.
To rediscover  who I am
and what is left of my heart.
Anything salvageable ???
I think so...

Love is ????
I really wish I really knew
Who knows...
Maybe Someday...

ღ KKD ღ

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
February 2010

Continued ???
Only for the Chapter of
What It Is To Be Loved

West Side Story
Barbara Streisand

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