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Circles by wings2fly2heaven 2 22 2010

This poem was written early this morning, and holds a deep meaning.
(It was written before announcement of a site called circleblulite (which to my surprise has a link to my poetry site).  Coincidental use of the word 'circle'...lol

Feb 22 2010

Our sharpened pencil presses upon
Most vulnerable point held in time
Moving without effort easterly
Then slides into place just fine
Lying helpless, a hand provides
This stab awards even more
A curving figure stretches on
Again still yearning for more
Halfway is merely a crescent
The lowest point stops to cry
Suspended it'll regain momentum
Travel up in tandem we try
There's only just one direction
From down under over to west
Nearly complete as fog rises
Days ahead for our hearts rest
Nearly there and almost done
It's time to connect the line
A bent one perhaps - - still perfect
This circle is yours and mine
We cling inside the center
We scream and beg and plead
Life isn't about running in circles
It's breaking walls to fill love's need

This circle holds today's reality

This circle holds truest of hearts

This circle runs life's gauntlet

But this circle won't keep us apart

This circle is our circumstance

This circle we peruse along edge

This circle is everyone's target

Dare it break? Only draws us our ledge!

To stand on the cusp of tomorrow

To stand as one hand in hand

With a faithful bond we leap

Off this ledge together we'll land

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Circles by wings2fly2heaven 2 22 2010



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