Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Panzer Man

What a bastard to handcuff
Me to the toilet so he always
Knows where I am, as I have
Taken to roaming at night,
Seeking out the comfort of other men.

In the beginning, his kisses were sweet.
Now, they burn as if made of acid.

His myopic eyes beating down
Upon me like fists.
I shudder at
The thought of forever and more.

My heart used to flutter at his winks,
Now it skips beats when I hear his footsteps.

I better grow wings; put away
The foolish desires of love, for
They have gotten me nothing but trouble.

I must remember that he is only human,
Full of flaws.
He was once someone's precious baby,
But he grew into a rapacious fiend
And he steals bits of my soul
As the days grow long.

Yes, I may have had him once but,
Now he has me...


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Panzer Man

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