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 Feeding the Multitude

Jesus was by the Sea of Galilee one day
When a crowd had gathered along the way
Jesus saw them as being without a shepherd
So He began to teach all of the people there

It was late in the day and the disciples said
Send the people away so they could be fed
Jesus replied, you give them something to eat
Spend eight months wages for the need to meet?

Jesus tested their faith in what they would do
They gave up in discovering a resolution too
With another glance, a boy gave them his lunch
Five loaves and two fish, but it was not much

Jesus told the disciples to have them sit down
5,000 men, women, children sat on the ground
He blessed the food, giving thanks to His Father
After all was fed, twelve baskets were gathered

Little is much, with God's blessing, He supplies
Taking whatever we have to offer, He multiplies
He never turns us away, but meets all of our need
We fail to see the big picture that He knows instead

Based on Mark 6:30-44, John 6:1-2 (NIV)

Carol Salter 3/16/10

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