Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Like Minded Whores

Impulse purges
My heart of
Black filth
Clogging arteries,
And making
Each beat
Feel like
My last.

Alone in
Thought, picking
The emptiness
For inspiration.

Hurt spidering
Its way
Up my veins,
I'm crawling,
Crawling, forever
Sliding up and
Away to the
Betterment of
Society's fail.

Parading intentions
And interventions,
Piercing souls
Like voodoo
Dolls, with
A frown
That cannot be
Molded into a

Final goodbyes
Plague the bitter
Spirits, walls
Rattle with the
Promise of
An icy death.

Chancing reality,
I'm pulling
From the loins
Of long lost
Dead cadavers
Who swore to
Love until death.
Now I can have
What they
Give away.

Harsh stab wounds,
Blood bouncing
On cold
Steel tears
Down my face.
I pull away
The laughing,
Loud and ugly
Hookers who
Wanted me
For the evening.

Again and again,
I swear.
The universe
Listens, the stars
Morse code
Their messages
To me.
To me,
I am breathing.
To them,
I don't exist.

Time is
Man made.
Time is
Not real.


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Like Minded Whores

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