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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`


~*~***~*~ ~*~***~*~ ~"This is not a `poem` in the sense of the word ~ however; it contains useful information, which at one time or another, we may find to be~ ~*~"`helpful knowledge`."~*~ In Protecting God's feathered creatures from fatal disaster! ~*~`WINDOWS ARE DANGEROUS`~*~ ~*~***~*~ The sound was familiar, but it wasn't pleasant, When you hear that certain "thud" you aren't eager to see who made it. The bird that hit the window was a golden-crowned kinglet. {Starlings rarely hit windows.} It had tried to fly through  the sliding glass door and received a smack in the head for its efforts. ~*~***~*~ Too often, both in spring and fall, windows spell troubles for birds. Many who mistake windows for part of the yard are migrants, or young birds who don't know the territory. Even resident birds familiar with the yard and the houses, windows can have an accident when the light is just right~or wrong. ~*~***~*~ Check the offending window's reflection from outside. Look at the way the glass makes a perfect copy of the outdoor scene. A tree's inviting branches , blue sky or a feeder is inviting when you're a bird, It's a rude shock to fly toward something and suddenly find your lying on your back with the world spinning around you. ~*~***~*~ The kinglet was flat on the deck in front of the window that moments before had been  welcoming reflection. Its legs went in all directions and it looked like one of them might be broken. Its breathing was rapid and its eyes barely open. ~*~***~*~ It wasn't completely out of it, both legs came together and tucked tight against its breast. Its eyes opened wide . Then it slowly relaxed and those eyes fluttered close. Should I let it remain its composure unmolested or should I capture it and put it in a shoe box? We all know that after a blow on the head, one shouldn't be allowed to go to sleep for awhile. ~*~***~*~ The deck under the kinglet wasn't warm, The bird was obviously in shock. If left to its own recuperative powers, it may have gone to sleep and never awakened. Into the shoe box it went. Some paper towels were scrunched up and placed on the box's bottom. This gives the bird something to grasp when it is ready to get on its feet. ~*~***~*~ Once the little fellow [and it was a male] was inside the box, it was placed near a floor heater where it was warm. All that was left to do now was to wait and listen for some sounds coming from the box. ~*~***~*~ ~*~***~*~ Forty minutes later. two bright and beady eyes looked staring back at me when I lifted the lid and peeked inside. The bird was on its feet, tucked in a corner, and looking like it was wondering what had happened. Outside on the front porch, the lid was lifted, and the box held so it was faced away from the house, and any windows. The patient flew away without a backward glance. ~*~***~*~ The shoe~box~routine~has worked countless times over the years. Even when a bird doesn't make it, I feel better because it died in a nice warm place away from any predators.  That didn't happen this time, Hopefully, we'll enjoy that little kinglet at the feeders all winter. ~*~***~*~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Author~ Article: Windows are Dangerous: "Featured in `local newspaper` By~Bird~Lady, Joan Carson~ ~~~~~~~~ *~"Presented by `Mary Jane B`"~* ~Copyright@2007~ ~*~***~*~ Audio & Graphics Revised *2009* 'MJB'

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