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 Facts Never Change

I am employed at a hardware store
With products and vendors galore
When price changes are passed down
We then adjust accordingly all around

Buying programs are a written agreement
Issued by the rep, approved by management
Usually each vendor has just one single rate
Making pricing simple and easy to calculate

One vendor has switched to two discounts
Doors and frames of separate base amounts
Online orders have extra bonus to be gained
Prices went up, but buying plan is the same

Vendor customer service lacked information
Wrong pricing resulted in the whole situation
After over twelve emails and two months later
Resolution has now been reached in this matter

Our representative, in trying to reach a solution
Gave us another discount, in his own confusion
Buying program did not change, as he said clearly
But my supervisor took this added quote literally

When asked if acknowledgments were now correct
I said they were, per the buying agreement as fact
My supervisor brought up the rep's latest quote
Asking for written confirmation of what he wrote

I realized he probably just made an easy mistake
But now there was an additional issue at stake
The rep leaked out the last quote to salespeople
Now they felt cheated, causing more trouble

Meanwhile, he knew I had all email documentation
So he asked me to forward all of the information
Upon review, the truth was finally uncovered
The original quote was right, it was discovered

I shared all of this for one purpose and reason
Because I see the following valuable lesson
Whatever is unchanged, will always be fact
Truth will win over any information that lacks

Always be willing to stand up for what is right
Some may take everything literally as insight
But by realizing that people do make mistakes
It will avoid more problems and issues at stake

Carol Salter 4/14/10

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