Keeper Of The Flame
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 The Bible Tells Me So

There, upon a silken bed
Woven from myriad silken thread
Lying upon a mound of pillows
Bound up in her peccadiloes


Full of grace and fair decorum
Swept up in history's variorum
Milady summons up the orrery
To be delivered by her coterie


As sunset's fiery erubescence
Blends with voile's viridescence
From the veils' filmy coruscation
She awaits their incantations.....


Friezes of Danites in captivity
Belie her claim of sensitivity
As enter the pagan prophesiers
Merely fine clothed petty liars


'To remove him of his strength,
You need not go to great length.
As goes the power of the lion
There lies strength of the scion.'


Unable to decipher such a rhyme
Milady perforce sets up a crime
That still echoes through the ages
Written down in God's own pages.


As any foolish man will do
In a trap they cannot construe
Braggadocio spilled from his lips
Handmaid trims, handmaid clips


That which gave him strength now shorn
He was taken captive in early morn
Set blinded on the threshing floor
Tightly shut was sunlight's door

Until came the day in a temple pagan
Celebration of false god Dagan
Down came crashing the walls at length
Samson had regrown his strength.......
April 16 2010

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