once upon a time

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Once upon a time

Let's fly back to before.
Before I needed or wanted
Too grow up. Back to the days
I wandered Black Mountain.
Ran free in the bog meadows.

Then they put me in school
Wasted my time should have left
Me to run free. All of my life
Shaped by moments spent contented
And free on hillside and meadow.
Flying down along this memory lane
I can't forget people and places.

Especially holiday months spent
Joyfully on farms school day's terror
Filled times eager to read and write.
Ignored, had to count multiple and divide.
All such mysterious ways should have
Left me too run free on hillside and meadow.

Boy scouts, Clonard Confraternity, saving grace.
Mc Cances glen sparkling wild
Roaring waters running through.
Falling in getting dragged out
Soaked to the skin.
Walking homewards elated simple times.
Should have left me too run free.

Never wanted to grow up though I did.
Accepted responsibility didn't do to bad
Didn't do to good all in all
Did the best i could.
Raised a family of three.
My wife Geraldine and me
Should have left me too run free on
Hillside and meadow.

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