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The Goodie Closet

   Sherri and Janie were sisters and were four years apart in age.  Sherri, the older one,
felt she should have more privilege because she was older. Jane looked up to Sherri and wanted
to do the same things that Sherri did.  Trying to make things satisfactory for both of them,
their mother worked it out with Sherri that she should go to bed when Jane did, but stay awake
until Jane fell asleep.  Then she could come out of the bedroom and watch t.v.
   The goodie closet was a reward for getting good marks in school, or if they were ill to help pass the time.  The goodie closet was always kept locked.  Both girls looked forward to reaching something from the goodie closet.  In the closet were various toys, books, and other
interesting things that they would enjoy.  
   One day Sherri was permitted to go to the goodie closet and she reached in to get a toy.  She quickly withdrew her hand, saying,"It bit me!  It growled and bit me!"  
   Her mother said, "Toys can't growl and bite you. You have a vivid imagination."  
However, Sherri insisted, "It did growl and it did bite me!"
   Her mother thought this was a clever way to try and get into the closet and see
everything in there, but Sherri kept insisting, "It did growl and bite me!"  Her mother said "I'll look into it at some future time."  
   When the girls left to do their daily chores, the mother went to the closet to see what spurred her little girl to think that way.  When she opened the closet, to her surprise,
there sat their little dog, Divie, who growled at her, too.  Divie came right out of the closet and growled again at her!  She didn't like being cooped up in there.  Which proves that sometimes children do tell the truth -- and Sherri was rewarded with an extra goodie.  
   The moral of this story is you should always watch what's in your closet -- because it might come out at you!

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The Goodie Closet