Tattoos in Mayberry

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Jack Me Jubilant

I know you think you're better than me
you do, don't you
What of it
What if it's true
What if I don't quite measure one standard deviation of a norm from you
Maybe to you I'm some crusty old rusty kid
Wild West pocket watch with a broken chain rustin bezel fadin engravin
Not quite up to snuff to feature on "Antique Road Show"
But, you with your gold plated up to the minute quartz movement
 you done did it
A weathered gunfighter wouldn't know quite what the hell you are
Some new fangled bird feeding device
Or a custom made locket converted to an artillery shell
What a fancy pants, flim flam boy you are
I make just one request
Talk like a grown man when you speak with me
Oh children of ancient story book warriors
Children of myth and legend
Jack me jubilant
Don't whisper gentility somber and sweet.
Approach me in a language I can understand
A language firm and hard

Buddy Bee Anthony

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