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mysterious you

To the one who is willing to come out of my imagination and begin to make it a complete priceless desire.

You hide,
I can't find.
Perhaps I'm blind.
Mysterious You.

Come here,
To me.
I'd like to see,
Mysterious You.

I die,
For I want to find,
Mysterious You.

Painful moments,
Back in time -
They'll be erased
From my mind.
When you come into sight,
Mysterious you.

Upon my mind,
Sweet and kind,
You're my dream,
In the night.
Mysterious You.

Let us meet sometime...
For when we do,
It will be true,
Take my hand,
Mysterious you.

When we meet,
We'll sit on a star
Capture love
In a jar
Jump the rainbow
Light the dark
Give kisses
In the park!
We'll hold hands
Glow our lives
Take the bad
Make things right
I swear to never
Leave your side.
Mysterious you.

~DaYnA e. 3/8/03

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mysterious you