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Todays wigan pier/ a parody of Orwell

Thugs abound today kicking their
Filth around, they complain oh how
They love to complain we! Have nothing
Whine, and  whine as they slug down the
Cheap supermarket wine.
Kicking their filth into palatial rat holes
Given to them by tax payers money
Unlike the hungry thirties
Then poverty meant drawing an allowance from the P.A.C
Measuring up to a means teat it always caused
Despair no work; no dole only the cold, cold test
If you didn't kow-tow to the states "gratitude"

Thrown out of your home:- now the great-grandsons'
Are not a people only scum crawling through
Peoples lives pleading for their dole, and D.L.A
Screeching we have nothing, with beseeching hands
Outstretched to steal your last penny they cry
We have only three bedrooms one bathroom.

One dole drop to collect our pregnant girls money
Before she gets it, and wastes it on that bloody child
Cheek of her buying food to feed a hungry child
We need our fix alcohol, drugs out of our heads
This is the way to live in, splendour thinking
She will miss me when I'm gone.

Their forefathers had no work poverty-"justified"
By the state:- do you really expect the youth of today
To work are you nuts the state
Is for the layabout we are on the take
Small minded men.



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