Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Human Equation

His residue from
Burnt thoughts left
Upon my bold fingers.
I can taste his dialect
As he throws grafted
Curses and bile at me.
Interims pass by,
A procedure of lost time
As sickly as a detrimental
Cough spreads to me.
A pandemic I won't face,
We are ageless monsters
Trying to fit into
The human equation
Unnoticed but hugely flawed.
My heart beats a
Condiment of displeasure,
I spill it upon a bevy
Of tired eyes, encouraging
Them to finally see
In dimensions other than sleep.
They deny me the joy
Of an audience.
He plays a black angel,
Takes me home with a
Vital swipe of a blade.


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Human Equation

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